You can also duplicate an existing game - this gives you your own unique game number to pass onto your students. This will not change the game, but it means that you can easily look at the results just from your students.

You can (usually) use the editors without accepting the security certificate - but if you want to save or load files then you will need to accept it. This allows the editor programs to access your hard disk. If you aren't happy with this risk then you will need to enter your data every time you setup a new game.

The 'rules editor' used in Battleships, Rummy and Horses is identical; therefore saved rules files are interchangable. These allow you to set verb endings so that you only need to enter the infinitive into the first column of the table, then click on 'apply rules' and it will fill the rest of the table automatically.

An example rules file for many French present tense verbs is here. (You can right-click to save it onto your computer).

If you can't play the games, the problem may be your Java plugin. To update it, visit
For other games, you could try the BBC bitesize website.