Clink on 'Teacher' to go to the Teacher's Portal (or you can get there from the home page).

Now, you need to choose a game to setup.
We will do a 'Frogs' game, as it is the easiest, and we will also go for the 'simple' web-page version of the editor. 

Next, enter a few sentences that you would like to have jumbled up.

And click on the 'Send Game' button to send that information to our computer.

Now you should get a 4-digit Game Number, you will want to keep this page open, or bookmark it for later.
You can use it to see how your students are getting on.

Give the 4-digit number to your students, and tell them to enter it on the homepage, along with their name.

Now they click to pick up a Frog, and click again to place it on the correct lily pad.

When they get the sentence correct, they can move on to the next one.

You can now go back to your page with the game number on it.
If you click 'refresh' of press F5, your screen gets updated with how they are doing so far.

(TRYSTART tells you that they clicked on the 'Start Game' button.
If their computer does not run Java then they may not get any further).