Clink on 'Teacher' to go to the Teacher's Portal (or you can get there from the home page).

This time we will do a 'Space' game, and we will also go for the standard applet version of the editor.
This has more features than the web-page version.
The editors for Rummy, Battleships, Horse, Space and Unstack'em games all use the same format.

If you accept the (unsigned) security certificate then this allows the program to write to files on your computer, so you can save and load files.
It will also work if you choose 'cancel', but you will have to type in the information every time.

For the 'Space' Game, you need to enter a 'Category' in the column at the top.

And fill in however many words you want for each category.
Just leave the columns blank if you don't need them.
(For Rummy and Battleships you need to fill in all of the boxes).

When you have finished, if you wish to use it again later then you can click the 'Save File' button to store it on your own computer.
You will need to give it a filename, and browse to the folder you wish to save it in.

When you have finished saving your file, now you can click on the big 'Start a Game' button to send the information to our computer.

Now you will get a 4-digit Game Number, you will want to keep this page open.
You will use it to see what answers your students are giving.

Give the 4-digit number to your students, and tell them to enter it on the homepage, along with their name.

Now they can play the game, by shooting the aliens that match up with the category on the ship.
(Click below the line to move, above the line to fire).

While they are playing, your screen will automatically update with the answers that they give.
You can choose from the drop-down menu at the top to filter the answers, so you don't have to look through them all. You can choose by each game a person plays, who has started or finished a game, or even all the right or wrong answers.

Or, instead, you can enter your own 'filter' text in the box at the top.
For instance, you may want to see every game played by one person - so put their name in the box.

Other features

There are some more advanced features that have not yet been covered.
The 'rules' files are for automatically conjugating verbs, so you don't have to type in every column yourself.

The 'Mouse selectable characters' are for games like Battleships that need to have the answers typed.
As it can be difficult to type accented characters without the correct keyboard, if they go in here they can be selected with the mouse.

If you keep a note of your game number, then you can use it to get to the 'log viewer' without having to start a new game.
Enter it in the box at the bottom, then click the 'View Results' button.